BizBits is a LIVE funding and investing platform with a built-in secondary marketplace

By tokenizing business assets, BizBits provides more opportunities for businesses to raise capital and opens the door for non-accredited investors to participate in early-stage funding rounds.


Unlike Anything Out There

Benefits for Businesses

  • businesses

    Invest with Others LIVE

    Interact with Founders and other investors in real-time.

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    Secondary Marketplace

    Stop waiting 6-8 years for your ROI. Sell and trade acquired business assets on your terms via our Secondary Marketplace.

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    Open to All

    BizBits is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

Benefits for Investors

  • investors

    Stay on Track

    Prevent misuse of funds and provide transparency to your investors with BizBit's Smart Contracts fund management.

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    Pitch Your Ideas LIVE

    Pitch your ideas live to a global pool of investors. Raise funds faster than ever before with 24/7 opportunities.

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    Choose How You Raise Funds

    Raise with equity, debt, or donations. Choose what model works best for you.

How it Works

The BizBits platform uses its own token known as a BizBit.
BizBits are stable tokens that are tied to the USD.

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    Complete the BizBits Funding Application

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    Select how you would like to raise funds and generate your token

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    Launch your token on the primary marketplace

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    Watch funds accumulate for your outlined milestones

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    Investor deposits fiat or crypto into his wallet

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    Investor exchanges business assets for BizBit tokens, and converts back to fiat/crypto

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    Deposited funds are then exchanged for BizBit tokens

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    BizBits are used to purchase, trade, and sell business assets

Business Token Types

  • utility

    Utility Tokens

    Help businesses avoid debt and manage cash flow.


    Are redeemable by crowdfunders for attractive rewards.

  • security

    Security Tokens

    Provide absolute control over equity and voting rights.


    Pay dividends and share profits directly related to the performance of the business.

  • debt

    Debt Tokens

    Enable borrowing without the need for banks.


    Are repaid with interest on guaranteed terms.


Asset Types

  • primary-asset

    Primary Assets

    A business asset is primary when tokens are still being distributed.

  • secondary-asset

    Secondary Assets

    A business asset is secondary when all tokens have been distributed.

Problems with Current
Funding Methods


  • Traditional credit scoring

    Traditional credit scoring

    Crowdlending, crowdfunding & equity crowd funding are all available on one platform

  • Time and effort

    Time and effort

    Needed to raise capital can be extensive.

  • Large amount of equity

    Large amount of equity

    Typically must be sacrificed by businesses in exchange for funding


  • Misuse of funds

    Misuse of funds

    Is a common occurrence withnewly raised capital.

  • Liquidity


    For investments is limited.

  • Regulations


    Can limit funding amounts and investor participation.

BizBits Solutions

  • Alternative scoring

    Alternative Scoring

    allows businesses to qualify for funding based on more than credit.

  • Multiple Token Types

    Multiple Token Types

    expedite the ability to raise capital online.

  • Entrepreneurs Control

    Entrepreneurs Control

    how much equity they want to make available

  • smart contracts

    Smart Contracts

    ensure funds are used solely for business purposes.

  • Secondary marketplace

    Secondary marketplace

    allows investors to gain more control over liquidity.

  • Non-accredited investors

    Non-accredited investors

    and accredited investors can participate.

  • Live Pitches

    LIVE Pitches

    makes funding and investing an interactive community experience.